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*sigh* since no one else is writing anything worth a shxt, i guess i'll have to do something about it.  yes.  i'm under the assumption that this community deals with SI or ED or both?  mmhmm?  ok, then under that assumption, i am of the first kindred.  i feel like shxt and it's Easter.  hah.  Easter, how great is that?  not very.  i mean, all we do is eat fxcking candy and make me fat.  that's all.  and i don't get to see Jon and it's raining on my stupid spring break.  yea, what a break this is.  cough*liers, all lies*cough.  first time in moths that i did myself in again last night.  i'm a stupid fxck, i admit it.  i have no reason to be in such misery which makes me feel even worse.  *double sigh*


i'm done complaining for now.

peace out.


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